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“Lakewood NCSA Festa” @ Inspire

During the cherry blossom season, it's a standard to go see the cherry blossoms at "NAKAMEGURO"!
There was a time when I worked in Nakameguro in the past, and at that time I was a little depressed because of the crowds...
Now, on the contrary, I feel excited ^^

“Lakewood NCSA Festa”

-NCSA = North, Central, South America-
In addition to Vintage, Select Items collected by “Lakewood Clothing” from 5 states in the USA, Mexican Stuff by “Inspire” and Argentina Stuff by “THISTIME inc.” It is a limited POP UP STORE.
Please come to Nakameguro for cherry blossom viewing at this opportunity to see the products of the three companies whose stores are not open as usual.

Date : March 25(Sat) - 27(Mon)
Open: 12:00-19:00
Place: 1-14-1 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Access : 3 minutes walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line/Hibiya Line “Nakameguro Station”

Since 2002, January
Our concept `California Life Style` imported from Los Angels, San Francisco and OAXACA, Mexico (hand crafted items)

Since 2007
It's inconspicuous presence(Niche.) , MacMahon Knitting Mills, PANAM ,NELSON and other South American import items

This is an initiative with the manufacturer who has been indebted to us on a daily basis.
Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Everyone likes the same things.
It's a little chilly at night, so please dress warmly.

Lakewood Clothing