· By MiyachiShinnosuke

Introducing "Souvenir Cap" while looking back.

Once again, this is Miyaji from Lakewood Clothing.
Days when you can finally relax? (I'm kind of burnt out and a little lazy.) is back.
I'm thinking of a fun project to get motivated again. ^^
April looks like it's going to be dazed, but I'm going to look back once in the middle of the day.

First of all, early 2023, it was a stormy 3 months.
January of warehouse sorting. It was messy, difficult to price, and making tags and business cards.
And when I started doing it, I realized that my personality is surprisingly picky.
If you can do your best, you should have done it until now.
And I'm in despair because I haven't been able to do anything until now. w

February after preparations.
From February to March of the 3 times a month POP UP EVENT from the launch event.
It's so dense that I don't remember some of it.
Is this something called fulfillment? (smile)

We are very grateful to all the venues who have held events so far, and to all of you who have spoken to us.

And thank you very much to everyone who came to the event and even made a purchase.

Thanks to all of you, I'm having a good time now. ^^

The online store is also safe! ? Since it opened.
I will introduce them one by one, so if there is something you like, I will be happy.
While we are proceeding with product registration, there is also a happening that most of the registered items are sold.
I am very grateful, but the point is bad, so I will improve it.
I'm keenly aware of my powerlessness, but I'm aiming to grow every day, so I think I can improve little by little.
I will do my best. Thank you very much.

Well, it's the first product introduction.

"White Sands National Park Cap" (Beige/Blue)

It's not old clothes, but it has a good taste.
On the way from New Mexico to Texas, cut in for about 40 minutes and you'll arrive at White Sands National Park's "Souvenir Cap".
Two-tone logo embroidery, simple and nice.

Souvenirs are also a symbolic item genre of this store name.
Simply put, it's a gift.
I'm still going to buy mainly in the US, so the current situation is the US, but overseas souvenirs are interesting and cool.
It's all a matter of feeling.

If you go to a theme park, you can find caps in Japan, but they are not just a souvenir, but an image that the person who goes there gets excited and wears.
After that, you won't be able to wear it normally.

On the other hand, American Souvenir has an exquisite taste, and I feel that there are many visually cool designs.
There are many original caps, T-shirts, etc., so I would like to offer styles that can be incorporated into everyday wear.
It's a good feeling that you can't put out in a brand's product.
I would like to take care of incorporating individuality.

Here are some photos of White Sands National Park.

When you enter this area, the white sandy desert area spreads like a snowy landscape and is fantastic. Will it be expressed as the American version of Tottori Sand Dunes w
This white sand is said to have been weathered over a long period of time by a large amount of gypsum crystals, turned into sand grains and carried by the wind, forming sand dunes.
I am very impressed!

Couples and families who visited on a trip were climbing these mountains of sand, and it was kind of heartwarming to see them. w

From now on, when I go abroad to purchase, I would like to visit these places and introduce them to everyone.
After all, America is big. There must be a lot of things you don't know yet.
My journey has just started, but I want to run around and eventually go to places other than America.

By the way, you can't buy Souvenir Items unless you go to that place, so it's hard to get another one because of the fluctuating buying route.
Actually, it's a lot of time loss. . .
There are some things I can do, but I don't think I will go to White Sands anymore. w
So I can only buy it now. So.
If you like this design, please try it.
It's easy to match normally, and styling becomes fun ^ ^
I like luxury items, but I also want to cherish cheap chic values.

Well then.

Lakewood Clothing Miyaji