· By MiyachiShinnosuke

Event Information
“Lakewood Clothing & ichie Pop Up Store”@BRICK

Next Event in Hakata Fukuoka!
Hi hello.
The next event will be held outside of Tokyo for the first time.
This time it's Hakata, Fukuoka! !
I was born in Oita Prefecture, and moved to Kumamoto Prefecture when I graduated from high school.
I've been living in Tokyo for about 8 years now, but this time I'll be holding the event with a friend from back then.

“Lakewood Clothing & ichie Pop Up Store at BRICK”
2023 3/11 sat - 12 sun
Location: BRICKS
Address: 3F, Sonezaki Building, 3-18-1 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Phone: 092-409-4511
Time: 12:00-19:00
Instagram: @brick_hakata

The E-Store “Lakewood Clothing” founded in Tokyo and the vintage clothing store “ichie” in Kumamoto.
Vintage and Select Items purchased in the United States will be gathered at Hakata's select shop "BRICK".

During the period, Kumamoto's coffee shop "Gluck Coffee Spot" will also participate.
We will deliver a relaxing time.

“Lakewood Clothing”
Founded in 2023.
The E-store “Lakewood Clothing” proposes items that the owner thinks are good, regardless of whether they are old or new.
Used & Vintage , Souvenir goods , Folk art , And any other Individuality brands

This is ichie -used & vintage-, a second-hand clothing store that sells high-quality regular second-hand clothes and valuable vintage second-hand clothes carefully picked one by one from the United States on Uenoura Street in Kamitori-cho, Kumamoto City.

As the store name BRICK suggests, we have selected "good old fashioned" clothes and accessories that match the background of bricks.
I would be happy if you could come and feel the selection of clothes and accessories that are simple but full of commitment.

“Gluck Coffee Spot”
Gluck is a word that means "happiness". We will deliver happiness to people's daily lives with a cup of specialty coffee.
We regard coffee as an agricultural product, and we try to roast and extract coffee in such a way that you can feel the terroir of the producer and the land.

it's the best.
I will write more delicious information about Fukuoka.
Well then.

Lakewood Clothing