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The update was delayed for a while because I suddenly suffered from mild pneumonia.
Even if it's mild pneumonia, it's pretty painful. (crying)

Well, today I would like to introduce "Samuel Zelig".
They are a brand launched by a duo based in Los Angeles.

[Samuel Zelig]
Brand founded by designers Dylan Lubell and Jonathon Levite.
samuel zelig draws inspiration from the knitwear of the past to create a contemporary interpretation of the silhouette of the uniform.

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In November of last year, I found out about their existence at a select shop on the way to the United States where I was buying used clothes.
this is! ! ! ? I immediately contacted him.
I didn't have plans to go to Los Angeles, so I couldn't meet him at that time.

Fortunately, there was no development in Japan at that time, so I will contact you in half a year. I was saying that, but there was a story that it was likely to be decided on a certain select on the way, so I decided to send it in a hurry.
I had wanted to strike while the iron was hot, even after I met him once.
The following 4 types are available this season.

Samuel Zelig "sycamore cycling crewneck" (Red)

First of all, this sweatshirt became a symbolic item of the brand immediately after its release.
The name "Sycamore" comes from the name of the street where their studio is located.
Just like the chain stitch on the front, all the patches are original and mass-produced, making it very stoic.
Also, this color is the best. The exquisite fade feeling is expressed by processing.

Samuel Zelig "le tourment 1/4 zip" (Yellow)

There is also a half-zip sweatshirt that I feel like recently.
Soft yellow with gold riri zip.I would like you to go to the product page and see the details, but please take a look at the embroidery on the elbow and guess the meaning of "tourment".

Samuel Zelig "gallery 001" (Camel)

Samuel Zelig "gallery pant" (Natural)

It seems that the items with this Gallery will be serialized.
The embroidered artwork is as good as this.
The impression changes completely even with a sweatshirt and pants.
I got the pants right away, but it was easy for me, who has a lot of simple clothes, to incorporate them.
An image of inserting only one point.

All fabrics are made by a long-established Japanese fabric manufacturer.
Exquisite weight that sweat is not too heavy and not too light. 15 oz.
Hardness varies depending on the dyeing process.
As for the pants, they are made of cotton linen and have not been washed. Let's wear it hard and enjoy the texture.

How can I say it, their drawing skills are overwhelmingly strong, but the high quality is firmly backed up not just by their appearance, so you can tell just how much they love and care about their clothes.
I've seen a lot of vintage bases, but I think it's good that they don't get too heavy because they have a good sense of fashion.
I also like their style and I sympathize with them.
The way you dress and the brands you wear.

I myself buy not only used clothes, but also brand new products, but when it comes to sweatshirts, there is nothing better than used clothes, so I was not satisfied with new sweatshirts, but their products are solid. It makes sense.
First of all, let's put the sleeves through the Sycamore Crewneck, and then try a half zip.
I am happily worried about it.

I'm lazy, so I'm late in introducing you, but I can still wear sweatshirts, and I still have a long way to go with pants. That's what it feels like.
Add the Samuel Zelig collection to your wardrobe.
I am very much looking forward to their future collections.

Finally, snap.

At a fish pub in Jingumae 2-chome.
Also, let's go to dinner.
If I have a chance to go to Los Angeles, I would like to visit the atelier.

Well then.

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