· By 宮地真之祐

Hi , I'm Lakewood Clothing based in Setagaya

nice to meet you.

Lakewood Clothing.
It was founded in January 2023.

I have worked at several select shops and one used clothing store so far, and have been exposed to all kinds of things, both domestically and internationally.
I'm still inexperienced, but from now on, I want to pursue what I like and create a select shop. We believe.

While enjoying traveling with local purchases, I will collect the good things I met while conveying the local atmosphere.

I mainly use Vintage and Souvenir, but I would like to add brands that I have come across little by little.
I'm still inexperienced, but I'm going to grow more and more.
I would be happy if you could watch over me warmly.
Thank you.

Lakewood Clothing Miyaji