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Hello! !
This is Miyaji.

When I opened this store, I was looking for something that other clothing stores didn't have, so I ended up with only second-hand clothing, Samuel Zelig, and this brand, which is a unique item.
I plan to buy second-hand clothes that are simple and high-quality, or eccentric, and also my favorite outdoor and western clothes.

Regarding this brand, I am also acting as an agency, so I have been communicating with them for about two years.
It's quite dangerous when you hear the word gun! ? I also feel it, but the people themselves are very peaceful.
Interesting brand.
There is also knowledge and so on, but it is a brand that I would like you to feel attractive sensuously.

[ TOTALLY BLOWN / Joshia Tree]
"TOTALLY BLOWN, a brand founded by Cody Montgomery and Sarah Harris in California / Joshua Tree in 2012. Cody has a textile background and Sarah is in charge of design. All products are manufactured in the United States. We are also very conscious of our impact on the environment, and all our products and dyes are made from only natural materials.Fabrics including linen, hemp and cotton are sourced from dead stock textile dealers. We remake used denim and find new value by recycling fabrics that would have been thrown away.In addition, all items are finished with a special product processing using a shotgun. I'm proposing new ways to use guns that aren't meant to kill people."

Originally, bleached sweatshirts were damaged with a shotgun, and the standard items were new items with added processing, but I found a remake item that was in the lineup, and production is not stable at all. But I end up ordering.
It's quite a gamble.
However, the finish offers a book that surpasses it unexpectedly.

TOTALLY BLOWN "Sharly Elf Jeans" (White)

TOTALLY BLOWN "Sharly Elf Jeans" (Black)

All one-of-a-kind series. Our other series are also based here.
The work of artist Sharly Elf, who lives in Joshua Tree, is painted on used denim.

So, this is Sharly Elf.
Artist activities while doing music activities. and.

We also operate this crochet museum.
I've never been there, but it's packed with cute things from all over the world.

How can I say it, there are various kinds of art, but this loose feeling is irresistible.
Loose and mysterious characters and pop characters, a feeling that leads to the hippie culture of the 70's.
However, it doesn't snap too much, it's kind of a warm impression.

White denim is especially recommended. The paint color stands out.
It's great for the upcoming season when you only have T-shirts, and in the fall and winter, you can wear it with simple and dark styling such as a coat.
I think that white denim, which many people worry about getting dirty, can be worn without worrying about it.

TOTALLY BLOWN "Sharly Elf Corduroy" (Beige)

TOTALLY BLOWN "Sharly Elf Corduroy" (Red)

TOTALLY BLOWN "Sharly Elf Corduroy" (Sax)

TOTALLY BLOWN "Sharly Elf Corduroy" (Moss)

TOTALLY BLOWN "Sharly Elf Corduroy" (Camel)

TOTALLY BLOWN "Sharly Elf Corduroy" (Grey)

Originally, there was only denim, so I asked him to make a corduroy as well.

The silhouette is 519, 517, 646 and varies depending on the color.
If you combine the flashy paint with a corduroy that gives a subdued impression, it's not too flashy and it's fresh.

We ask that you keep the length as clean as possible.
Please look for the book that suits you.

All are one-of-a-kind items.
It may not suit you, but if you like it, please try it.
Recently, women have responded well, but it is more cute to wear loosely than tight, so we recommend wearing oversized for women.

We also have other shirts, so we will introduce them again.

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