· By MiyachiShinnosuke

Fun stories in Fukuoka

I'm busy with work, but there's no point in doing just that.
So, to clear my head a little, let's talk about the second event in March.
It was my first time in Kyushu.
As Lakewood, though. The phrase would be correct.
Even at my previous job, I had the opportunity to go here and there.

After all, it's the best every time~
rice is ww
Well, let's start with the story of the event.

This event was held for two days at BRICK in Hakata, Fukuoka.
Frankly, I have to do it for 3-4 days. I thought again.
There must be some people who are off on weekdays.

Relax in the spacious store.
It was a fun event to talk about new and used clothes while drinking coffee.

I could endure beer after the evening ^ ^ great.

What's not good is that the photos aren't very good.
Space is important, but people are always the focus. ←

Mr. Nishikawa, the owner of the venue "BRICK", which is located on the 3rd floor of a multi-tenant building in Hakata.
A classmate from school days.
A style that never changes.
A person with a heart.
My style is constantly changing.

Nishi-kun from ichie in Kumamoto.
It is also my old nest.
He is a very kind and nice guy.
I'm sorry for getting angry with you in the past.
Now in Kumamoto, I live in a better house than mine.
I'm sorry.

Mr. Miki of "Gluck Coffee Spot" which has 3 shops in Kumamoto. Born in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. (I am from Oita City)
We got along well at the time because we were in the same town and the same age.
Of course, even now.
Thank you for coming all the way. ^^
The coffee was good.
See you on the farm. (I'm already back)

Well, we delivered with four unique glasses.
The common point is that everyone is spending the same time in Kumamoto. People's ties are something that can't be broken if you want it.

on Sunday,

My Boss, Mr. Terada from MEETS also came.
*He is also the boss of ichie and Gluck Coffee Spot.
Everything is round, not just glasses! ! (meaning gentle)
I am very grateful to Mr. Terada every time.

So, as a result, I managed it with 5 glasses.
I don't even have time to take pictures! ? It was a great success.
thank you very much.

Also, although it is not BRICK, I would like to go to Fukuoka around the end of May.
I'll be discussing this with you, so I'll let you know once it's decided.

Well, from here there are some night parts.
After all, you have to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Hatchan Ramen / Yakuin

I heard that it will be crowded, so I stopped by when it opened in the evening.
I went for the first time. It was delicious~
I wanted to replace it, but I put up with it.
No, I should have eaten. Really.
By the way, there was a long line on the way home late at night.
The moment when I was happy that my own arrangement was heard.
Next time I come here, I have to start with bottled beer and oden and eat ramen.

Mansaku / Yakuin

I go there every time because it's usually calming down. For now, pea meat.

Senpachi / Yakuin

It was a Friday and the place was so busy that the call was turned down, but since I passed by, I took a look and was given a special permit for one order.
It was only sashimi, but it was delicious, so it's a must to visit here again.
I want to try it with local sake.
That's how I finished the front ride Day.

Four people came here on the second day.

Active Sea Sake / Kego

It's all seafood, but I like it. . .

Kinky, that was great.

Ikezukuri of conger eel, not fugu.
It is delicious to eat as it is, but it is recommended to tighten it with ice water on the left.
I ate shabu-shabu with four old men.
It was great.

There were other pastas, and I ate a lot of them, but they were all delicious.
After that, I went to a few restaurants and ate ramen and went home.
I don't have any more pictures from here. w

It was great, I want to go to Fukuoka again.

However, I plan to go to Fukuoka regularly, but I also want to attack other prefectures.
Aim, held outside of Tokyo and Kyushu.
I hope you have a wonderful relationship.

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